'Warriors All-Stars' will feature characters from Koei Tecmo's most famous games.

Warriors All-Stars screenshot

Warriors All-Stars screenshot

The upcoming hack and slash game will be available on Playstation 4 and PC systems later this year, and it has been revealed the playable characters in the production will be taken from a range of the developer's most popular ventures.

In a new trailer for the game, players get a first look at the Tamaki Clan, which includes characters from games such as 'Dynasty Warriors', 'Toukiden', 'Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Book', and 'Opoona'.

Other characters, which are yet to be announced, will be summoned by Princess Tamaki's rivals, Setsuna and Shiki. The three separate groups will then have to battle for the dominance of the kingdom.

Koei Tecmo said in a statement about the plot of the game: "Summoned from a diverse range of worlds and time periods to save a mysterious land ... the champions of 'Warriors All-Stars' find themselves in the middle of a clash for control. When a magical power source dries up after the king's passing, Princess Tamaki performs a ritual to summon saviours in times of dire need."

The developers also revealed that player's choices toward characters in the game will affect the story's plot and ending, as they are able to craft their own team to create the perfect roster of warriors.

The game will also introduce a new Bond system, in which players can improve the relationships between their characters by having them fight alongside each other and spend time together after battle. By achieving a close bond, stronger abilities will be unlocked on the battlefield.

'Warriors All-Stars' will be released for both Playstation 4 and PC on August 29.