Zeo Sleep Manager

Zeo Sleep Manager

Zeo is the first range of sleep management devices in the world that help you discover and unlock the power of restorative sleep. 

The Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile (£89) uses the latest technology to tell you how you slept. A comfortable and highly accurate Zeo Softwave TM headband tracks your sleep stages throughout the night and then transfers your sleep data either to a bedside unit or wirelessly to your smart phone. 

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In the morning, Zeo shows you how much time you spent in Light, Deep and REM sleep and gives you a real, timed sleep graph with your sleep patterns. 

You can then compare your nightly Zeo sleep score to your age group, personal target and learn how to improve your sleep.

Quality sleep, or ‘Elite Sleep’, is proven to help improve good health, mental sharpness, daytime energy, stress management and overall physical performance.

To really make the most of your sleep, you can upload your data to Zeo's web site (myzeo.co.uk) which will then help you devise a personalised sleep coaching program that helps to manage the impact of your lifestyle on your sleep, where things like caffeine, alcohol, stress, bedtime and bedroom environment can have a huge effect.

Zeo Sleep Manager is priced from £89 and available to buy from www.myzeo.co.uk