Newby Teas presents the ultimate Father's Day gift: Luxury Dong Ding - the "Château Lafite" of tea

Luxury Dong Ding

Luxury Dong Ding

For Father's Day 2016, luxury tea company Newby Teas of London presents the Dong Ding caddy. The high-end gift for the discerning father comes from the Newby Teas Oolong Collection.

Named after a Taiwanese mountain known as the frozen peak, Dong Ding is an unusual, rich, smooth tea with notes of honey, melon and lilac. Such is the quality of the tea, a second brew can be enjoyed using the same leaf.

A luxurious gift for the loose leaf connoisseur, the tea is presented in a stunning collectible black and silver latticed tea caddy that any man would be proud to sport on his work surface.

Tea expert and Creative Marketing Manager at Newby Teas, Gwen Hustwit, said: "Oolong is to tea what Château Lafite is to wine. It is an exceptionally rare and spoiling choice as a gift for the sophisticated father. Oolong teas are extremely rare, taste delicious, and contribute to health and long term happiness.

"Oolong tea - known as the 'Black Dragon' - is partially oxidised like a black tea, but retains much of the freshness of the green leaf. It is among the most complex teas to make. The master's skill lies in ensuring the right combination of sun-wilting, bruising, oxidisation and wok-firing - the creation of optimal flavour characterised by sweetness, floral and fruity notes. Each of Newby's rare Oolongs displays a different facet of this ancient tea type. Dong Ding, with its unusual flavour, is the perfect gift."

Price: £119.00 for 100g caddy.

Available at: Newby Teas

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