Electric Jukebox is the easy-to-use music system for your home.

The Electric Jukebox

The Electric Jukebox

A new kind of music service targeted at the majority (92% of the UK) of whom haven't made the leap to subscribing to music streaming.

Electric Jukebox is a plug and play device for your TV, that brings the benefits of unlimited access to millions of songs, but without any of the complicated subscriptions, apps or downloads that you encounter with other music services.

You just plug in the EJ TV stick, and use a point and click controller, which also has voice search, and you can play millions of songs or mixtapes from our fantastic curators including Alesha Dixon, Robbie Williams, Sheryl Crow and Stephen Fry.

Just use the stylish point and click controller, which has a built in microphone for Voice Search, to start playing the music you love! No monthly subscription, no app downloads and no hassle.

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