Quorn sausages

Quorn sausages

Eating healthier can often mean following a tasteless diet, but with a new premium range of sausages from Quorn, you can sizzle in your clothes with half the saturated fat, yet all the taste. 

The new Chef’s Selection range features two variants of tasty sausages. They boast just half of the saturated fat and fewer calories than premium meat alternatives but are packed with fresh flavours and are a more succulent eat.

There are two flavours:

Best of British Sausages, which pack a strong flavour, accompanied with fresh herbs and spices.

Wild Garlic and Parsley Sausages boast fresh parsley and herbs, along with red wine vinegar and sage.

Al fresco favourites made healthier

The Chef’s Selection range from Quorn introduces a healthy alternative to the nation’s plates that is lower in fat and packed with protein and fibre to help create a tasty, satisfying meal.

Eating healthier traditionally means cutting out favourite meals. Yet, just switching to Quorn means tasty dishes can be enjoyed with less fat and fewer calories, helping to follow a healthy diet easily by just eating normally.

  • Swapping pork sausages in a traditional hot dog for a Quorn Chef’s Selection sausage saves two thirds of saturated fat
  • Swap a premium pork sausage for a Quorn Chef’s Selection sausage in a summer barbecue kebab to save nearly 150 calories
  • A Toulouse sausage casserole made with Quorn sausages contains a staggering  8.1g less saturated fat than a premium pork sausage alternative

As a low cholesterol product, Quorn also helps to keep hearts healthy for the 3.5 million households in the UK looking to reduce the amount of red meat in its diets.

The Chef’s Selection range is stocked in major retailers. 

Chef’s Selection Range from Quorn:

Best of British Sausages, 240g (pack of four) £2.49

Wild Garlic & Parsley Sausages, 240g (pack of four) £2.49

Visit www.quorn.co.uk for more information and tasty recipe ideas. 

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