Are you trying to lose weight?

Are you trying to lose weight?

Each week usually begins the same, with the promise that you'll try to eat less and a lot more healthy, only to find yourself reaching for the biscuits by 11am. It comes as no surprise then that women are spending more than seventeen years of their life on a diet. 

A shocking 90 per cent of British women have been on a diet with the average woman losing her body weight over nine times during her life time and spending over seventeen years on a diet Diet Chef has found.

The average woman diets twice a year, losing 11lbs each time. Life expectancy data reveals that the average woman lives until 82 and weighs on average 11 stone. If she begins dieting at the age of 18, she will lose her body weight 9.1 times and if she spends seven weeks on a diet twice a year she will spend 17.2 years dieting.

Kevin Dorren, Founder & Head Chef of Diet Chef, comments: ‘Deciding to lose weight can be an easy one to make when we know we have a special occasion coming up or aren’t feeling confident in our appearance, however as we can see actually embarking on a diet and losing the extra pounds is more difficult and takes real commitment. Diet Chef takes the thinking out of dieting providing tasty yet nutritionally balanced meals direct to your door.’

Less than 1 per cent of women managed to stick to a diet for a 12 month period and a third of all women diet for at least six months per year.

Not fitting into any of their clothes was the top prompt to lose weight with the same number of people saying that developing a muffin top was the first sign that they had piled on the pounds.

Summer holidays, health reasons and weddings were the top three incentives to lose weight and 43 per cent of the female population said not feeling comfortable in a swimsuit was the main reason for wanting to streamline their look.

Ultimately it is a general love of food and lack of will power that keeps would-be dieters from achieving their dream body with over a third saying they were their main reasons for struggling with managing their weight loss. Although a fifth of women say that they find it too expensive to buy healthy food.

One in three women will splurge on comfort purchases when feeling down about their diet, with shoes being the top thing to splurge on.

It's time to make that one change for good and lose weight that won't return. 

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