The new Ministry of Sound DVD is out now!

The new Ministry of Sound DVD is out now!

The Ministry of Sound, Pump it Up guys give us a great work out with their DVDs. I know, I've attempted them.

Stephanie Fitzpatrick, is a veteran to the group, having featured in four of the Pump It Up DVDs and here are her top fitness tips to help you get in shape in the New Year.

 1. I find it really beneficial to have a fitness aim. Be it a 10k charity race or getting fit for a summer holiday. It keeps me motivated and focused throughout the year. 

2. I split my training into summer and winter. I train outside for half the year. Running jogging , skipping rope, using benches for lunges , squats , planks. You name it I use it. This helps me stay creative and get some really important fresh air. In winter I train in the gym. My muscles (and my mood) don't respond very well to freezing cold and rain. So I look forward to swimming inside,trying out all the new classes and so on. 

3. When I'm running (outside or on the treadmill) I find it helpful to aim to run for a certain amount of tracks on my iPod rather than watching the clock. This keeps my interests and my energy up. Time also seems to go quicker. 

4. On that horrid day when i just want to go to bed and exercise is the last thing in the world I want to do. I make myself go to the gym. I make sure I have my most uplifting workout soundtrack at the ready and i start off my workout doing my favourite exercises.  I make myself focus on the fact that I found the motivation to get myself there . It's not about having the bet training session ever . In fact even if I go home after 20 minutes . I still made the effort. And i really really try to find the positive in that. You can't be super women everyday ! 

5. When I'm having a bad patch in my training and the motivation has just disappeared I sign up for something new. I find a class I've never done. for instance kick boxing was my last motivation boast. The time before that it was military boot camp. Even one session with your local gym personal training will gain great effect. Showing you some new and interesting ways to exercise .

6. Stretching. This one is the most important. Even if you have gone weeks or months without exercise. Stretching helps de-fuss your muscle build up. It lengthens you. It releases the build up of nasty toxins in your body. It helps push oxygen around your body , which will always make you feel better. It also breakdowns all the physical and emotional tension you have stored up. Find just 5 minutes and take lost of deep breaths. 

7. I don't diet. Full stop. If I want to get in shape I eat more. I look at how I'm feeling and I find the correct food group to help that and make sure I get more of it in my diet ( b6/ magnesium /what ever i may be lacking in and so on). I eat more fruit and veg. I eat fresh healthy proteins and complex carbohydrates. I exercise more, upping the cardio. I find the body fascinating and how it works amazes me. It's not all about dress sizes and skinny jeans. You eat well to feed your brain, your emotions, your bones and so on. You only get one of these crazy little machines . You have to look after it!  

8. I love chocolate. No glossy magazine, popster or super model is going to make me feel bad about being in love with dark chocolate ginger. If you're eating healthy and exercising as part of your everyday lifestyle then what's a little dark chocolate or the occasional mint chocolate aero betweens friends ? 

9. Water. We've heard it so many times it's beyond boring! But water is so good for our bodies. What works for me is to have a full two litre bottle with me as I leave the house. I make myself carry around that bottle to meetings, castings, rehearsal, shopping everywhere until it's gone. This can be annoying, but it also makes me very aware and in-tune with how much I should be hydrating everyday .
10. The correct fitness gear. I'm lucky to have worked alongside some of the worlds most professional sports brands. And I've learnt that the science behind the correct training shoe is essential. Its not about fashion or £££ . It's about protecting your joints . In years to come your knees will thank you for it. Plus being on the treadmill pulling up your bra and pulling down your top isnt the most comfortable feeling. So I always look at comfort and support first off .I feel far more confident and focused when I get these things right. 

10. My job is different every day. And I travel a lot. This can make it hard to plan exercise . I've found popping a fitness DVD, like Pump It Up, in my suitcase helps. I know that whatever time zone , however crazy my schedule is I can always pop the DVD in my laptop at my hotel room . Even if I just do a warm up and cool down I'll still feel much better. Every little helps ! 

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