You could exercise at home and save money

You could exercise at home and save money

Brits are wasting money on gym memberships that they don't use, when in fact they could be working out at home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

A survey by Asda has discovered that an average family may spend up to £1260 a year on gym memberships, yet 36% of the nation admits to attending just once a month or less, sweating out a yearly expense that could cover the cost of a family week away in the sun.

Recent research from the retailer revealed that with the summer months approaching,  82% of Brits are hoping to strip the pounds before stripping their clothing to bask in the summer heat, but with the average gym membership costing £35 per month, a toned physique can come with a hefty price tag.

38% of those surveyed blamed busy work schedules for missing out on time at the sports centre and a further 18% admitted to shunning the cycling machine in favour of socialising with friends.

However, fitness expert Krista Pettit from explains that investing a mere £25 at Asda can provide everything needed for a healthy home workout that can be squeezed into the busiest of lifestyles and can benefit your health in more ways than one and last for years. Krista commented:

“The process of travelling to and from the gym, changing and exercising can often clock up to around two hours, for many people with busy work and social commitments, this is precious time that just isn’t available. Working out at home is a fantastic alternative to the gym and can often prove to be a more effective, focused way to exercise.

“It’s no surprise that 62% of people in the UK admit they feel insecure about what they look like at the gym, from purple faces to sweating backs, which in turn affects their performance. In just half an hour, you could complete a work out in the comfort of your own home with no inconvenience, no distractions and no embarrassment factor.

Krista shares her five top tips for getting fit at home:

  1. Follow an exercise routine on a DVD or online, you will push your body to work outside its comfort zone and it’s fun!
  2. Keep an exercise diary noting what you have done each day and setting goals for the month, it will keep you motivated and you can track your fitness progression
  3. Rope skipping is an amazingly easy way to burn calories and can be done in the back garden, for best results try high intensity interval training; skip as fast as you can for 60 seconds then rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat
  4. Balance on a medicine ball whilst doing bicep curls; you will work your core and your arms in one go
  5. The plank is a great way to tone the whole body and requires very little space, do this for just two minutes a day and over time you will improve your overall strength

Will you be ditching the gym membership and do it at home instead?

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