Take care of your teeth during summer

Take care of your teeth during summer

With summer fast approaching, many people are thinking about how they will look in a swim suit and how they can shed those pesky pounds ready for the beach by healthy eating.

However, people may not know that whilst thinking cautiously about their diets, they may be eating foods that potentially could be just as bad as sugar and fizzy drinks in terms of the damage it does to your teeth. These culprits are lesser known evils for the teeth but just as dangerous.

"Tooth wear is becoming an increasingly common dental problem," says Professor Eder. "The most recent Adult Dental Health Survey suggests that over three quarters of the UK population have some form of tooth wear - and these summer treats are one of the major culprits."

The top five worst hazards for your teeth are:

A Ploughman's lunch may seem like the perfect healthy but enjoyable lunch in your local pub. But hang fire on the chutney. The colours not only stain your teeth, but the sugars in the chutney eat away at your teeth as fast as boiled sweets or fizzy drinks do.

An essential ingredient in any salad, and a refreshing low calorie snack these have extremely high acid content, and so can eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Try to limit your intake.

Fruit Juice
We see these are a healthy alternative to any fizzy drink and are an essential ingredient to any cocktail. But, although packed full of vitamins, the high level of fructose means your teeth are in real jeopardy. Pimm's has high fruit juice content and can play real havoc with the protection on your teeth.

Sports Drinks
With the sun beating down, exercising outside may seem like an enticing prospect. But whilst a sports drink may give you a boost of energy, beware of the damage the glucose can do to your teeth.

In a bid to tone up, swimming is the perfect exercise.  However, chlorine in the water can erode enamel and cause irreparable damage. Try to keep your mouth as closed as possible when swimming.

Luckily Professor Andrew Eder has some top tips to stop your teeth suffering:

  1. Never swish sports drinks or fruit juice around your mouth - this increases contact with the teeth and therefore the risk of dental erosion.
  2. Wait an hour after drinking a fruit juice or sports drink before brushing your teeth to avoid damaging the softened enamel.
  3. Try an alternative that is better for your teeth. Coconut water is less acidic than sports drinks, is hydrating, entirely natural and isotonic. Cucumber instead of tomato is less acidic and coleslaw instead of chutney does not stain.
  4. Get your teeth checked by an expert. An early diagnosis of erosion is essential so that simpler treatment, including monitoring and prevention, can be employed.
    Otherwise more complex treatment may be necessary to restore satisfactory function and a pleasing appearance.

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