We all know what we're craving, but what should we be eating?

We all know what we're craving, but what should we be eating?

You're doing it, you're eating well and you've resisted temptation. But yet, there are still those few things that your body craves which are bad for you.

You know who you are.  

New research has found out which are the things we crave the most whilst trying to lose a few pounds. 

Chocolate was named by nearly one in two women as the food craving most likely to lead to a diet regime going awry.

Crisps were a temptation too far for 31 per cent of women on diets, while a craving for cheese hit 27 per cent of slimmers, according to the research from Splenda.

Hannah Vose, a spokesperson for Splenda, said: "Some foods seem too desirable to resist for some dieters and can almost conspire to undo weeks of determined dieting by many women.

"Our research clearly shows that chocolate is the number one craving most dieting women find hard to resist, followed by crisps and cheese.

“We know that going on a diet can be a challenge for many women and cutting out all the things you crave can lead to failure. The real test of a diet is not just losing a few pounds quickly, but taking small steps and making small changes to your lifestyle and diet that last for years and can make a big difference."

So here it is, the top ten list of food cravings that can break a diet. Has your guilty pleasure made the cut?

Top 10 food cravings for dieters:

1 Chocolate 

2 Crisps 

3 Cheese 

4 Bread

5 Wine 

6 Cakes 

7 Biscuits 

8 Sweets 

9 Chinese meal 

10 Indian meal 

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