Will you be eating more mushrooms

Will you be eating more mushrooms

Wanting to shed the pounds quickly? Then follow the tips of the savvy celeb dieters who use mushrooms to drop the pounds but keep their assets.

The ‘M-Plan’ , unveiled this week, is the new diet based on mushrooms that means women lose weight from problem tums, bums, thighs and upper arms, but still keep their bust intact.

Top women’s nutritionist and health broadcaster, Jeannette Jackson, explains: “We all know that feeling of losing weight everywhere but where we want, particularly if you’re a typical British pear-shape.

“But the mushroom diet, just like the fungi itself, means you keep the weight where you want it up top and shed pounds where you don’t down below!”

The ‘M-Plan’ is a favourite among celebrities who to want to drop dress size quickly in time for red carpet events such as Soap Awards.

Jeannette continues: “It’ll be of no surprise that female celebrities will be looking more svelte than normal and I can exclusively reveal that mushrooms are the reason celebrities can look so good at the very last minute.”

Katy Perry is said to eat a diet heavy in mushrooms to keep her sexy curvy figure, Kelly Osbourne also puts a lot of her weight loss down to eating raw mushrooms. Emmerdale and Waterloo Road star, Roxanne Pallett also eats them regularly.

How the diet works

“Replacing just one regular lunchtime snack or dinner with a mushroom inspired dish will help women lose weight from the stubborn areas over a 14-day period,” explains Jeanette.

“If we eat more mushrooms, it’s likely that less high calorie foods will be consumed throughout the day over all because of the vegetable’s powerful nutritional values.

“The dietary fibre in mushrooms helps promote good bowel function leaving you feeling more satisfied, so you won’t be hungry again as quickly, preventing you from snacking.

“Mushrooms are also extremely rich in protein – an ideal nutritional food source yet the vegetable is low in calories which are important where weight loss is considered.

“There’s a myth that the waist is the last area of the body where women lose weight. In fact, it’s one of the areas of the body that we move the most along with bums, thighs and upper arms. 

"Not only mushrooms help with weight loss – the super vegetable can help improve your looks too given that mushrooms are high in B vitamins, iron and zinc, all of which are needed to make your skin, hair and nails strong, healthy and shiny.”

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