How far would you go for weight loss?

How far would you go for weight loss?

Losing weight can be a struggle, especially when you get down to those last few pounds, and it seems there are a number of weird measures that women are willing to take to ensure they get to their desired weight.

Number one on that list is laxatives, shortly followed by fasting and the cabbage soup diet.

Laxatives are apparently being used by women across the UK as a means of speedy weight loss, according to new research by an online pharmacy; revealing the weirdest weight loss measures regularly called upon by women across the UK needing to shift a few pounds.

The study was conducted by as part of research into the attitudes of women across the UK towards diet and weight loss, given that the site specialises in weight loss remedies.

Results revealed the most popular weird weight loss techniques employed by women across the UK to be as follows:

1)      Laxatives (taking laxative tablets to lose weight)

2)      Fasting (skipping meals altogether)

3)      Cabbage soup diet (substituting usual meals for cabbage soup)

4)      Liquid diet (substituting all solid food for liquid)

5)      Body wraps (beauty treatments using body wraps, designed to aid weight loss)

6)      Cereal diet (substituting usual meals for cereal)

7)      Baby food diet (substituting usual meals for baby food jars)

8)      Raw food diet (substituting usual meals for raw fruit/ veg)

9)      Small crockery (eating meals using smaller dinnerware/ plates)

10)   Eating foods known to disagree with you/ make you ill

Sarah Bailey of commented on the findings: “Some of the weird weight loss techniques we found to be most commonly employed by women in the UK were worrying- particularly those who claimed to turn to laxatives or eating foods known to disagree with them, or make them ill.

“This simply isn’t healthy, and putting your health at risk to lose weight is absolutely not advisable- despite the results showing that a whopping half of women would do so! We’d advise any women thinking of doing this simply not to. Your health is paramount- and a healthy diet coupled with exercise is always the best way to lose weight- not abusing medication or food allergies.”

Those women who take laxatives to lose weight, more than half admitted that they believed that it is in fact bad for your health, yet still do it anyway. Furthermore, three quarters admitted that the move had ‘never produced lasting weight loss results’ for them.

In contrast, 65% of those who regularly used small crockery as a means of losing weight admitted that it had produced lasting weight loss results in the past.

Do you employ any weird measures to help you lose weight?

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