What are you working on at the gym?

What are you working on at the gym?

Hopefully your New Year, New You fitness regime is still going strong, and you're spending some of your free time hitting the gym. 

A new survey from leading European nutrition company, Multipower Sportsfood, can confirm that male gym goers should spend special attention training their back and female gym bunnies should focus on their abs if they are looking to impress their peers in the gym.

They questioned a cross-section of the nation about their gaze in a health and fitness environment by looking at images of male and female models working out. It emerged the man’s back came out as the most popular body area with fellow men, 38% of male participants admitted their eyes were drawn to the male models back first. The majority of women gym goers eyes however were first drawn to abs on the female model.

For those gym goers trying to appeal to members of the opposite sex the survey reveals over a third of female gym goers are first attracted to a man’s back, while nearly two thirds of all men are focusing on the bottoms of women working out.

Surprisingly only 8% of the nation’s women eyed the backside of the male model first, placing it behind the back, abs and biceps.  British males are also clearly not ‘leg men’, the female bottom, abs and back were more likely to be viewed first before the legs of the New Year female gym goer.

Drew Price, Multipower nutritionist and PT commented: “Just because you can’t see it in the mirror doesn’t mean it isn’t a main point of gaze for those around you. Your back is probably more important to train than your front. The muscles in the back are what keep your shoulders healthy and help maintain proper posture.”

Harvested during the January fitness drive the study also revealed that the guys and gals can agree on something, both think their abdominals are the most important muscle group to improve on in the New Year. In all likelihood the nation has over indulged again during the festive period and over half of male participants and 46% of women chose their stomach muscles as the group they want to work on most.

The survey was conducted by Opinion Poll on behalf of leading sports nutrition company, Multipower Sportsfood, whose UK Marketing Manager, Shân Savage, commented: ‘Although this study was a bit of fun, we actually found the results interesting as we all expected abs to come out top throughout the survey. We are always looking at ways to inform the fitness world, so we’ve accompanied these results with training guides to support the nation as it battles the bulge at the start of the New Year.”

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