Anthea Turner shares her home cleaning tips

Anthea Turner shares her home cleaning tips

Anthea Turner is known for her love of cleaning. She shares her home cleaning tip with us. 

  • Storage, storage, storage– it’s very difficult to clean around shampoos and shower gels so put them away after every use especially if you have a big family
  • To create that sparkly hotel feeling, use a wet cloth to clean then polish with a separate dry one
  • Colour coordinate your cleaning cloths – blue for loo and pink for sink
  • Keep an eye out for unsightly, chalky limescale especially if you live in a hard water area and use a good limescale remover like Viakal as soon as you spot any – danger areas are taps, the plughole and shower head (it’s best to unscrew this and soak)
  • Keep your toothbrush in the cupboard to protect it from airborne germs
  • Don’t let dirt build up, instead wipe the sink after every use
  • Opt for tiles or a lino flooring rather than carpet as this is a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Refrain from keeping pot pourri in the bathroom as this will collect dust
  • It’s a great idea to keep cleaning products in the bathroom itself but pop them in the cupboard
  • Most importantly, keep your bathroom in a state you enjoy

Anthea Turner is working with Viakal to raise awareness of the effects of limescale. Viakal is available at all good supermarkets.

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