British pet owners are more likely to display a photo of their pet than their partner on the mantelpiece at home, according to a new study Opinion Matters, September 2008 released today. Photographs of our pets are second only to children, taking pride of place over and above husbands, wives and parents in our home!

The study, commissioned by PURINA ONE pet food, reflects the regard and admiration we have for our furry friends. The consideration we give to our pets is evident in that 94% of Britons can spot the signs of good health, such as a shiny coat, bright eyes, stronger appetite and increased energy – all attributes that are key to capturing a great image of any pet. Understandably, 84% of pet owners believe their pet is naturally beautiful on camera. A likely reason why those photographs sit so proudly on the mantelpiece!

The survey results coincide with the launch of the ‘PURINA ONE in a Million’ campaign; which calls on British pet owners to submit naturally beautiful pictures of their cats and dogs, to give them the chance to star in PURINA ONE’s national advertising campaign in 2009.

Nick Ridley, renowned animal photographer and judge of the PURINA ONE in a Million search, believes the winning cat and dog need to show all the signs of good health. He said, “Not surprisingly a majority of pet owners believe their pet is naturally beautiful in photographs, but we’re looking for a cat and dog that has something extra special and really exudes the visible signs of health to be the face of the new campaign.

“Healthy pets have high energy levels and if an animal exudes positive energy and a zest for life it really comes through on camera. Plus, eyes are the focal point of any picture and the healthier your pet, the brighter their eyes, making them really shine through for a better and more engaging picture!”

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