Want a quick and easy way to cut through fabric, cardboard or plastic? Stuck for gift ideas for eco-conscious family and friends? The latest “must have” gadget from Bosch - the NEW XEO - is an ingenious solution.

It’s perfect for anyone ‘green’ who wants to do their bit for the environment. Cutting cardboard boxes down to recycling size in no time at all and powering through plastic packaging, so that the kitchen can stay tidy and free of recyclable clutter – the new Bosch XEO will be their zany little friend.

The soft furnishing possibilities are endless with the XEO – making it an essential for new homeowners. This easy-to-use tool can be put into action customizing a funky shower curtain, creating a quirky rug from left over carpet. It is equally as useful for cutting tough flower stems, such as roses, when scissors have difficulty coping.

The XEO is the first power tool that is as handy in the sewing kit as it is in the tool kit – slicing through clothing and upholstery fabrics with ease. Even tough fabrics such as denim, leather and rubber have met their match.

If your other half fancies himself as a bit of a handy man he’ll love how easily the XEO zips through carpet and even cuts through sheet metal*! No longer will he need elbow grease to get the most difficult of cutting jobs done, with the XEO in hand it’s easy.

The NEW Bosch XEO is the first DIY electric cutter of its kind from the Lithium Ion family – made famous worldwide by the Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver. The XEO ultra sharp blade actually sharpens itself and the advanced Lithium Ion longer-lasting battery technology means the XEO will always be ready for use and as light as a feather to use. And best of all, there's no danger of injury with a safety guard and lock-off mechanism.

The XEO powers through almost any flexible household material with ease, making light work of even the most awkward jobs. A must-have for the home, garage, kitchen and office - the XEO is the perfect practical purchase. Once you have an XEO you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one!

The Bosch XEO will be available at B&Q from Sept 2007 onwards and Focus, Homebase and all other leading DIY retailers from November 2007. The recommended retail price is £34.99, including VAT.