We all know what it is like when you have a millions things to do and are running around attempting to get through your never ending list. The last thing you want to think about is testing on animals or the ethical credentials of the cleaning products that you are putting in your shopping trolley.

Think twice before buying your normal cleaning products

Think twice before buying your normal cleaning products

Many people stick with the brands that they have grown-up with and are familiar with whether it be those that have been used by their parents or even their grandparents - however times have changed and we are now expected to consider what impact that product has had even before it hits the supermarket shelves.

Reading the labels and understanding the contents of a product can be difficult, which discourages many people from shopping cruelty free, but it doesn't have to be. To help you to navigate the many products that are on shelf Astonish, the British manufacturer of cruelty free cleaning products, has created these top 5 tips:

Clean with a conscience - Cleaning products are a really simple way to show that you are a caring consumer and that you prefer to choose products that are not tested on or made from animal derivatives. It takes little effort to choose one brand over another but the impact could make all the difference.

It won't cost the earth - Despite beliefs to the contrary, you don't have to break the bank when you choose to clean with cruelty free products. Astonish products come with a recommended RRP of just £1 across most of the range. To help cut the costs further select products that are multi-purpose. For example Astonish's Antibacterial Cleanser is ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom and on all food preparation surfaces.

You'll feel great - If a product is deemed cruelty free that means that it has not been tested on animals and does not contain any ingredients from our furry friends. By making this simple switch you'll feel better about yourself knowing that you are making a real difference.

Cruelty free doesn't mean less quality - You may think that buying cruelty free cleaning products means that you'll skimp on the quality of the product, but you couldn't be more wrong. Astonish's wide range of products are all made using quality ingredients and will give you the same results as those from your big brands.

Look out for the leaping bunny - By far the best way to ensure that a brand of product is cruelty free beyond looking at the ingredient list is the leaping bunny logo. You'll find the logo on the back of all products that haven't tested on animals, so you can be confident that you are cleaning with a conscience.

Armed with Astonish's top tips on ethical cleaning, there's no better reason than to make the switch to cruelty free.

Astonish has received a makeover, revealing a shiny new look for its range of household and laundry, cruelty free cleaning products.

Offering the same astonishing results and great value, just with a new look and feel, Astonish’s trigger sprays now come in prism shaped bottles.