Daily Horoscope

Your sign was born to be an original and this weekend sees you doing things which will surprise even you! Hope in a home matter which was beginning to get you really down gives you hope and inspiration.

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Weekly Horoscope

Jupiter the planet of self expansion, helps you to take relationships to the next level.

You are no longer afraid of taking the next step, but you embrace it and realise that you are following your destiny.

Mix ups in the workplace could see you getting accused of something you have not done.

Keep your cool to put things right, or you will only make yourself look guilty.

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Monthly Horoscope

Life isn't about finding yourself this month Aries, it's about creating yourself.

News from far away gives you reason to be glad you made the decisions you did at the end of the year.

Someone has learnt a very painful but valuable lesson thanks to you.

A new attraction makes your working life a little awkward.

It would be worth your while trying to find the numbers or e mails of some old contacts just in case.

You may not realise it, but you earnt friends in high places last year.

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