Daily Horoscope

Don't make demands on others you wouldn't wish them to make on you.

You could be setting a standard which you will regret by next month.

Your ruling planet the Moon brings up the need to call someone from your past.

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Weekly Horoscope

The Moon helps you realise where you have been going wrong and even though decisions you make at this time may seem rash, they’ve actually been nudging away at your subconscious for some time.

For once I want you to follow your heart and not your head, it’s how you can make a change for the better.

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Monthly Horoscope

You know those who are saying horrible things can only hurt you if you let them Cancer.

It would be worth your while taking some time out for you so that you can remember what and who is important to a sign such as you.

The written word can both make and lose you money.

Make sure you read all fine print carefully and don’t be shy to pay for a professional opinion if you think it can help you.

Family prove demanding, but if you dig around and ask a few more questions you’ll discover they had valid reason.

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