Daily Horoscope

If you throw enough dirt at someone, then of course it's going to stick Cancer.

Try not to believe all you hear today.

If you need to ask a question, then go directly to the source and not a third party.

Ring now for a message from Mercury.

Weekly Horoscope

Take the time to listen to what family are trying to say.

Although your sign is a great home maker, I can see from your chart that your attention has been elsewhere over the last few days.

The Moon helps you to reflect on what went on at the weekend and to look forward at what could be.

Wear something you feel good in on Saturday.

You'll be glad you did when you see what occurs.

Ring now for a preview.

Monthly Horoscope

With your house of love looking full of mischief, yours is the sign others will be watching.

Just make sure you know what to keep behind closed doors, remember what happened last year Cancer! The chance to try your hand at something you had given up is looked upon favourably by the stars.

In fact, the majority of your sign should be feeling full of fresh hope and inspiration.

Don’t entertain the childish behaviour of family anymore.

Back away until they learn how to behave.

Ring now so we can make the most of this very colourful month.