Daily Horoscope

There is a really nostalgic feel to your chart, which could see you calling up people from your past you have not been able to get off your mind.

Forced career changes will turn out to be a blessing.

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Weekly Horoscope

An immature side to your chart could see you doing things just to annoy those you love.

Know how far is too far to go or you could end up cutting off your nose to spite your face.

If you know you owe an apology then make it before Friday, or you may not get the chance to make it at all.

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Monthly Horoscope

Try not to tell tales on your close ones or it will come back on you.

It would be far better for you to spend your time on tying up the many loose ends which October left for you.

Trips you make for personal reasons make you very emotive and force you to do a lot of soul searching.

Try to be more honest with yourself my friend.

It is the only way your heart can give your head the answers it needs.

Don’t be afraid to commit to training which will benefit your career.

Mars sees you like a sponge absorbing facts this month.

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