Daily Horoscope

As Steve Jobs famously said, ‘Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

’ Something you turned down because you were pressured to, can still be yours if you let them know before this month is over.

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Weekly Horoscope

Things you learn this year will put you on a much better path in life, but you must not be afraid to pay out of your own pocket for education and information.

It will indeed be the making of you my friend, as you finally understand the value of money and investments you make into yourself.

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Monthly Horoscope

I can see your feelings have been hurt.

I also see that you will get through this.

You of course can't see the wood for the trees yet, but you can by the 2nd if you choose to sit in the driving seat instead of the back seat of your own life.

Uranus makes you more perceptive than usual.

Use the newfound power he gives you to feel your way to the right choices.

Family seem to be placing unfair pressures on you from the 16th and it's important you learn to talk not shout at them so that you can be seen by others as the bigger person.

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