Daily Horoscope

I know you regret things you said over the weekend but it seems to be becoming harder and harder for you to make that apology.

Aspects today suggest a third party can and will help.

Wear what gives you confidence.

Ring now to hear why you'll need such a boost.

Weekly Horoscope

Jealousy rears its head, but it doesn’t need to Capricorn.

If you can show confidence in what you’ve got, you’ll soon start to feel more settled and at ease with all that’s before you.

You’ve been through a lot in the last four months.

Acknowledge this and move on.

Taurii hold the key to a career change you should make this year.

Ring now to make the impossible possible.

Monthly Horoscope

New friends and family are likely to clash.

What you learn is how stubborn those around you really can be.

Use the 2nd, 8th, 15th and 20th to try to talk others round to your way of thinking.

It’s when the stars will be giving you the gift of the gab.

Know how much to tell new faces about your past.

Sometimes it really is better to let time unravel your story than it is to lay it out for all to see and judge.

Besides Capricorn, it’s only by getting to know you that others will understand why you act as you do.

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