Daily Horoscope

Why are you so worried about how things look to others.

Shouldn't how you feel be more important? After all, you are the one who has to live your life and with the decisions you make.

Ring now to hear how Mercury can mend family differences tonight.

Weekly Horoscope

Be smart enough to listen to the advice others are offering.

They wouldn't bother if they didn't care.

I see how much potential you have Gemini and I know that with a little more patience and forward planning this week, your plans for 2018 can be your most ambitious and successful yet.

Ring now to hear why I think you're remembering an ex as you wished they were and not as they are!

Monthly Horoscope

You begin this month with the Moon trying to convince you to get back in contact with those from your past.

You will learn over the course of this month that you have friends and supporters in high places who are ready, willing and able to help you shape your life to your true needs and desires.

Jealousy in love midmonth could well be your undoing if you’re not careful.

Know how far is too far to go when making accusations you have no proof of.

It is clear from the placing of Mercury in your chart that your imagination is working overtime.

Ring now to succeed where you failed.