Daily Horoscope

Figures and facts need to be reviewed again and again and you may even have to pay for a professional opinion in order to get things as they should.

The good news is you’re forecast to come out better than before.

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Weekly Horoscope

Try not to judge new faces who enter the life of your close ones too quickly.

Everyone has a past Gemini, and that is how we learn.

Time spent going over facts and figures can help you make a better plan for the year ahead.

You start to take more of an interest in your own well being and with this in mind you distance yourself from those who bring negativity.

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Monthly Horoscope

Be your own guide during February and think about how you want to spend your time leading up to Valentines Day.

By allowing your heart to take the lead, you can make this one of your most romantic months in a very long time.

A home 'problem' can and will disappear of its own accord if you give it more space.

Your ruling planet Mercury often makes you a little pushier than you can afford to be.

It would be worth your while slowing your pace, so you can enjoy life at a better pace and from a better view.

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