Daily Horoscope

This is the perfect week to start thinking about where you want your career to go.

For many of you it really has been a case of you aiming far too low.

Three years ago was a turning point for many of you.

Think about what you wanted and reignite the dream.

Ring for inspiration.

Weekly Horoscope

Your ruling planet the Sun helps you to solve recent miscommunications.

You get a better sense from today of what is and isn’t possible.

Travel is well starred and this should be the week you get the green light over something which you were beginning to worry would never happen.

Wear blue for extra power in communications.

Ring now to hear how the power of change is all yours.

Monthly Horoscope

There is a really lazy feel to your chart, which could make it hard for you to get your act together.

Cancelled plans could well turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Time spent going over what needs to be done to get the most from this month will pay you back tenfold.

I can see you’re tired, but I also see that you can and will achieve more this month than you have all year.

Geminis link to lies you must not believe or act upon.

Wearing what you look and feel good in at the weekends can change everything personally for you.

Ring now for your lovescope.