Daily Horoscope

Try not to spend money you know you should have saved, or you will only be disappointed in yourself further down the line.

Make your plan and stick to it.

If others want you to come out that much, they will pay for you as you do for others.

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Weekly Horoscope

You can’t seem to find the words you want to say to get back on track with loved one.

It is clear you have a lot to discuss before you can agree to settle.

Try talking to them and not third parties Leo.

How can they know what they’ve done wrong if you’re telling everyone but them? A responsibility you’ve had since last year is at last lifted.

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Monthly Horoscope

I know you've been hurt and I know you're not sure if you can trust again.

Trust me though when I tell you that you can.

Younger faces give you back your mojo.

Help you give them will earn you the respect which I know is so important to a fire sign such as you.

Saturn and Mars make it hard for you to understand financial discussions.

The truth is that you haven't really been aware over the last few months of what your incomings and outgoings are.

Working this out before the 10th will prove invaluable.

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