Daily Horoscope

The best thing to hold on to in life is each other.

Don’t shut a close one out but instead give them the commitment that you asked them for in the beginning.

Taking as well as giving is unusual for you, but allow yourself to be supported.

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Weekly Horoscope

I can see from your stars that you need some private time to find out how you feel about all that has occurred in the last few weeks.

What you’ve failed to take into account though, is that the open mind you have adopted can and will ensure that you can enjoy life more this year than ever before.

Minor ailments could prove costly if you don’t get them seen to.

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Monthly Horoscope

A job opportunity which you thought had passed you by, can be open to you again if you let those around know you are interested.

This is a month of major news and changes for key figures in your life, but it makes your day to day living an easier place to be with less responsibilities.

Make sure your passport is in date my friend as I can see that the coming months are going to be offering your best opportunities for travel that you've ever had.

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