Daily Horoscope

Try not to say the first thing that comes into you head today, or you could end up getting those you care for into trouble.

Keep your time and attention on tying up loose ends.

A romantic proposal of sorts brings surprise.

Ring now for the week in full.

Weekly Horoscope

From this week, start where you are, use what you have and do what you can.

Surely no one can ask any more of you than that, can they Libra? You have allowed yourself to be emotionally manipulated for far too long now.

The good news is that Mars forces your hand on Wednesday and you have to and want to take control.

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Monthly Horoscope

With the relationship sector of your chart demanding more of your time and attention, you are going to be feeling the need for questions and answers.

Try not to accuse close ones of things you have no proof of, or it could well be your undoing.

Knowing where you need to be professionally, can go a long way to you improving your reputation and repairing that damage caused last month.

Your daily routine is under constructive change and you start to realise you want to and can simplify your life.

Ring now to make each day count.