Daily Horoscope

The mixing of the past and present come together and you are no longer as image conscious as you once were.

You realise that speaking and thinking from the heart leads to long term happiness.

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Weekly Horoscope

Trust has been and continues to be a problem for you at the moment.

What you can do to feel better about all that’s occurred? You can either give up or move forward, but if you choose the latter, you cannot and must not throw it in the face of a close one or you may as well throw the towel in.

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Monthly Horoscope

I know this year has already taught you some harsh lessons, but you have come out of what occurred as a stronger and more rounded person.

From September, you no longer think you can’t, but instead think when and how.

You must try to be more patient with an older person who seems to be going through more than you first thought.

Saturn helps you find a solution to a long standing financial issue and could even see you with money to spare.

Legal dealings go in your favour from the 23rd onwards.

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