Daily Horoscope

An array of alternative faces cross your path today and give you the chance to work out what you want, both from friends and family.

Know how far is too far to go when pushing for favours this week.

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Weekly Horoscope

Patience really will be a virtue over the coming days Pisces, as you start to realise that you should slow down if you are to convince someone you care for them as you said you do.

I know you feel the need to rush, but it's only by making a firm base that you will create something as lasting as a sign such as yourself needs.

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Monthly Horoscope

An unpredictable mood is making it hard for you to know what you want or who you should trust.

Try to trust in yourself and what you want.

You have put your own needs to one side for so long that you have forgotten how to make yourself a priority.

Preparation is everything in your work over the coming days and weeks so make sure you go over what you know, even if you think you are well prepared.

It’s the key to you coming across as the ultimate professional.

Travel plans you make for the end of this year say a lot about where you want your future to lead.

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