Daily Horoscope

Last month you thought it was you against the world, but now you see that it is you and your close ones as a team.

I like this softer side you are showing Sagittarius and I think if I pushed you for an answer, you are too.

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Weekly Horoscope

Don’t be afraid to make a second attempt at something you have previously failed at.

You may not see it for yourself yet, but you are such a stronger sign than you were a few weeks ago.

That’s because you now realise you have the support you need from those you had trouble connecting with previously.

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Monthly Horoscope

Do you know you have the power of happiness in your hands? Why do you insist on looking back to the past? You learnt your lessons, now use them to make this the month you make that change which is in your heart but has to be relayed to your head.

An old friend re enters your life and brings the laughter back.

It has been a while since I have heard that hearty laugh which we associate with your sign, but I'm glad to see that it will be coming back in abundance and about time too.

Ring now so you can make sense of recent work misunderstandings.