Daily Horoscope

Your element of fire often sees you saying things you later regret, but today it will actually allow you to say what you wanted to but could not at the beginning of the month.

New decisions are made and you feel in control again.

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Weekly Horoscope

Events that have transpired in recent days and weeks seem to parallel what happened a few years ago.

They are not the same, so try not to fool yourself into thinking they are.

You’re looking good and should be focused on the fun which life is waiting to show you.

The Sun helps you to see through liars both today and tomorrow.

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Monthly Horoscope

Your element of fire is pushing you to act in a situation which would be better left for time to solve.

What’s the rush Sagittarius? I know you are a fire element, but September would be one month where it would be far better for you to learn how to listen as well as talk.

Letters and emails help you to get what you want professionally.

You’ll be tempted to drop your standards mid-month, but don’t you dare.

Life is what you make it my friend, so make yours count.

Aries help you to improve delicate family issues.

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