Daily Horoscope

Don't let what happened in the past stand in the way of what you want from the future.

You are different now and so are the faces which events would involve.

Find closure this week to make way for the future of your dreams.

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Weekly Horoscope

Your element of water could see you reading too deeply into what others say.

Try not to take offence at what others say, but give them the benefit of the doubt.

By the of this month you’ll soon see that what was said was meant with a light heart, not to be taken as serious offence.

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Monthly Horoscope

After the storm comes the calm and that is what you, by rights, should be beginning to experience now.

Listen when the older generation speak, especially between the 12th and 20th, as time has taught them much which your age could not.

New friends which are forced into your life have much more in common with you than you thought.

Be nice to those you meet through travel and work.

You’ll soon find out why.

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