Daily Horoscope

Mercury hands you the gift of the gab.

Use it to get out of the difficult situations you got yourself into over the last few days.

A new approach to a financial issue you adopt gives you back your freedom.

Ring now to make sense of recent mixed messages.

Weekly Horoscope

Expect the unexpected this week and be open to change.

You and I both know you've been bored with your usual routine for some time now.

What takes place in the coming days is evidence that it's time to move on.

News by post or e mail gives you a new idea, which leads to several more.

You're beginning to live your life again.

Ring now so I can welcome you back and give you clear vison.

Monthly Horoscope

I see from your stars you have had so much to cope with lately.

Luckily for you, help is on hand from the 5th and you see the return and support of those who last month were ‘otherwise engaged.

’ Knowing what you want from your career can help you skip the queue between the 20th and 28th.

You find out you have friends in high places and no longer have to do things in the way other expect.

If you were hoping to tie up a deal then this is the time you should do it.

Ring now for support.