Daily Horoscope

There is a tense atmosphere in the home which may make it hard for you to feel secure and settled with your life.

Stay calm and wait for others to say there piece.

The stars suggest you will be in for a pleasant surprise if you do.

Ring now for your week in full.

Weekly Horoscope

Laughter breeds more laughter.

Seek out those who bring you joy and feel your spirit sour.

Many of your sign are going through spiritual transformations as you try to discover the many layers your sign possesses.

The home is subject to major upcoming changes.

Make sure your choices and feelings are known.

Ring now so we can talk about all your future can be.

Monthly Horoscope

Mars the planet of change and unpredictability is making it hard for you to have good judgement over situations which you can usually see with clarity.

I think what happened at the beginning of the year is still standing in the way of you being able to live life to the full.

Break free from the restraints you have placed upon yourself and make time for you.

After all, if you don’t make you a priority then why should anyone else? Ring now to hear how Venus hands you the power to seduce.