There’s a lot to love about summer; sun-soaked holidays, that bronzed summer glow, effortless, breezy dresses and long, hot days. But there’s one thing we don’t love and that’s boob sweat.

Choose a breathable bra

Choose a breathable bra

It’s definitely the least glamorous, and one of the most uncomfortable, summer side effects. So is there any way to prevent it? Luckily, Figleaves know exactly how to do just that with a little help from some heatwave-friendly bras. Keep your cool when the temperatures are soaring with these top ten tips...

Choose a breathable bra

When the mercury is rising, don’t stick with your usual bras; swap your lingerie staples for summer-ready styles. Opt for airy fabrics that let the skin breathe, lightweight cups and moisture wicking cotton.

Try a spacer bra

Spacer bras are ultra-lightweight and cleverly crafted to keep you cool. Designed to create air pockets within the cups to promote maximum air flow, they’re guaranteed to prevent sweating and to combat the heat.

Wear a bra that’s made to be seen

From colour pop shades to high fashion details and feminine lace, wear a bra that’s made to be seen this summer. Instead of worrying about covering bra straps or bands, make them a fashion-forward feature and stay cool in low back tops, spaghetti straps and plunging necklines.

Go invisible

If your style is more understated than statement, an invisible-look bra will give you total wardrobe freedom so you can tackle the heat in the floatiest dresses and the lightest tops. Not just a style saviour, invisible-look bras feel invisible too; crafted with lightweight cups and tech fabric that stands up to soaring temperatures.

Wear deodorant

Deodorant isn’t only for your underarms. Apply a light layer of a gentle, cooling roll-on to your cleavage and under bust to target those offending areas and tackle boob sweat before it starts.

Take the plunge

Plunge bras are perfect for summer. In addition to broadening your wardrobe horizons, the more minimised coverage offers a cooler feel.

Get the perfect fit

A badly fitting bra will only serve to exacerbate sweating. Overly snug bands, tight straps and too-close-for-comfort cups will promote sweating. Let them go and invest in well-fitted bras that are kinder to summer skin.

Stay dry with talc

A light layer of talc will help keep you dry, soft and fresh. Not only does it help absorb moisture but it will act as a barrier to reduce friction and keep delicate skin in perfect condition throughout the summer.

Pay attention to the details

Look out for the little details that will make a big difference. Mesh panels, gated backs and slimline straps are all clever ways to counter high temperatures and stop sweat in its tracks.

Make the most of multi-way straps

Multi-way straps are a seasonal staple. Cross back, halter neck, one-shoulder or strapless; they’re the lingerie weapon in your summer armoury, opening up your style options so you never have to compromise with long sleeves or high necklines.