Don't let the lack of showers affect your beauty regime

Don't let the lack of showers affect your beauty regime

Looking our best at a festival is most definitely hard work, but a few quick and easy-to-use products will not go a miss. 

Take a look through our pick of the must-have beauty products that are essential to your survival at one of the few remaining festivals this summer. 

Nurture Protect minis

An exclusive collection of nurture protect vitamin-enriched favourites in luxury, easily portable, generous sizes. Elegantly displayed in a smart aeroplane-friendly transparent pouch, they are the easiest way to look after your skin when you are on the go. This small packet comes with day cream, night cream, moisture boosting serum, eye cream and cleansing wipes - basically everything you need for a beauty regime. 

Available exclusively from, £14.95

Dove Maximum Protection Range

Dove Maximum Protection is an essential for the warmer weather and keeping you sweat and wet free over the full 48 hours of a festival. It offers twice the protection of a normal deodorant and lasts for 48 hours. It's great for any occasion where you might need a bit of extra protection for the day to keep you clear and fresh without any worry. The deodorant is also crammed with Dove's 1/4 moisturising cream helping to keep underarms beautifully fragrant, soft and smooth. The deodorant is also available in three variants Original Clean, Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena and Cucumber and Green Tea. 

Available to buy now from leading supermarkets

Ultrathon Insect Repellent

Ultrathon, which is endorsed by outdoor survival expert Ray Mears, provides up to 12 hours of protection against biting insects, including midges, mosquitoes and ticks. An essential for when you’re round the camp fire at night, or trudging through the festival fields in the day.

What’s unique about Ultrathon is it uses unique Time Release Technology, which means that although it has a low level of DEET it can provide long lasting protection. 

Addicted to Pretty Eyeshadow Palette

This fun, bright eyeshadow palette is perfect for a festival. The extremely pigmented eyeshadows can even double up as face paint when used with a base. All Sugarpill palettes offer bold combinations of richly pigmented, luxury pressed powders in striking hues. The velvety smooth texture allows flawless application and superior blending.

Available from £24.95 for four colours

Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Serum

A new revolutionary handbag hero that protects hands from bacteria for a ground-breaking 8 hours – the longest ever protection for hands – and leaves them feeling super soft and smooth as silk. Unlike other hand hygiene products that just kill bacteria, the innovative serum formulation has exclusive Advanced Anti Bacterial Technology that gets rid of 99.99% of bacteria and creates an invisible soft-skin glove that actively prevents reinfection for 8 hours.

The Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Serum is part of a brand new collection and offers great value at £2.49 RRP (50ml) and £3.79 RRP (200ml).  Available from Boots, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and other leading supermarkets and independent pharmacies

Multibionta Boost

Multibionta Boost contains a combination of vitamins and minerals needed for effective energy release, plus ginseng and guarana to help you keep up with the hectic pace of modern living. It also contains pantothenic acid and zinc to help maintain normal mental performance. Multibionta Boost is free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives and each tablet dissolves in a glass of water to make a delicious orange-flavoured effervescent drink that can be taken daily.

Available at all leading pharmacies, retailers and health food shops, 12s (RRP £4.38).

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