John Rocha AW09

John Rocha AW09

Anne Boleyn is making a fashion comeback this season, as Tudor style takes over the beauty world.

John Rocha was one of the first to sample this look on his catwalk for London Fashion Week, so we're pretty certain it will be hitting the mainstream any day now.

The large furry headband look may not be at the top of your fashion hot list at the minute, but trust us, come early autumn they will be everywhere.

Other Tudor-styles that are set to be massive in the beauty world next season include the loose chignon hairstyle, fixed in place with a pearl hair net and severe centre partings.

Tight buns, that look almost wet because they are that chic are also set to be a big trend to follow, so start practising it now as it will take some time to get it looking perfect.

Look to Natalie Portman who portrayed Anne Boleyn on the big screen not so long ago, as she really suited the Tudor look, and despite having quite a small face, pulled off the massive headband really well.

Then there is the BBC's interpretation of the Tudors and their Anne is more of a vampy vixen with wavy dark hair, loosely fixed in place in a low knot on occasions.

Personally we're loving championing Anne as a style icon for 2009, after all she probably wasn't that well respected during Tudor England times!

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