What anti-ageing creams do you use?

What anti-ageing creams do you use?

It's a long drawn out battle between you and your face getting old, but still we persevere in the hope of retaining a youthful look.

Seeing other women our age who look younger can be a knock to our self-esteem, but there's nothing we can do really. 

By the time British women reach 40, French women look seven years younger according to a new study. 

Over 80% of British women think that French women are the best preserved in the whole of Europe and that they age much more gracefully than us Brits.

In a survey commissioned by Escentual.com, the vast majority of British women said the secret to French women’s youthful visage is their anti-ageing skin care regime.

French ladies start using skin repair, anti-ageing creams and serums at least five years earlier than British women – 33% of French women start as early as 15, and by the age of 20, nearly two thirds of French women are using specialist anti-ageing French pharmacy brands like Avene, La Roche-Posay and Caudalie.

On our side of the English Channel women generally don’t start on their skin-care routine until the age of 25, and even then it’s only half of British women that would have a consistent regime of anti-ageing skincare.

Escentual.com skin-care expert Emma Leslie said: “British women tend to start using anti-ageing products when they start to see the first effects of ageing, which can be a bit too little too late. Whereas French women will often take preventative measures even when they are in their mid to late teens.

“French pharmacy skin-care brands also lead the world in the latest anti-ageing research, and several of our customers have asked for us to run promotions for these brands like Avene, La Roche-Posay, Caudalie and Nuxe, so that they can discover French women’s beauty secrets.”

The French are by far the biggest spender on anti-ageing products in Europe – spending £1.9 billion on facial skincare in 2009, an average expenditure of £78-a-year for every female over 15 in France. British women spend less than half that (£854 million) which may go some way to explain the comparatively wrinkle-free French visage. 

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