She has most certainly been using Touche Eclat

She has most certainly been using Touche Eclat

Beauty products see us through thick and thin, they're always there for us especially when we need it most.

Over the past few years there have been certain ones that have become iconic. Simply for the fact that they're so good, we all need to try them out and when we do, we find ourselves wondering how we ever coped before?

We take a look at the few necessities that are most likely already on your bathroom shelf at home. If not, it's time to make them part of it.

Nars Orgasm

A colour to suit everyone. Now we've heard this plenty of times before, but this amazing peach colour brings a glow to everyone's skin. Once you try this you'll certainly be coming back for more.

Shu Uemura eyelash curlers

The best curlers in the business. It would be hard to find a beauty editor/writer/fan without these in their make-up bag.

Just a few quick squeezes and your lashes are transformed into pair that could easily be mistaken for a set that have been glued on.

YSL Touche Eclat

Yes, you may have a late night and early morning but whose to know with this little wonder product?

Over the years it has become the go-to/must-have product for our peepers. Don't forget to apply a little to your cupid's bow too. It gives the illusion of a fuller pout.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

Liquid and pencil eyeliner were soon forgotten about when we were introduced to gel liners. Not only can they help to create a smoky effect, they can also be used for a beautiful feline flick.

Find a brush that suits you andyou can easily use and you'll become the master of gel liners.

Bobbi Brown's come in a wide range of colours and have the staying power to last. So don't worry about touch ups throughout the day.

Lancóme Juicy Tubes

It would be hard to find a beauty bag without a few of these in there. Whether they've been nearly used or not there always seems to at least one floating around.

The thick substance gives our lips a super glossy look that's very hard to rival with another product.

Just be cautious about the wind and you hair because they do seem to be attracted to each other, especially at the most awkward of moments.

MAC Strobe Cream

I always wonder how dull my skin must have looked before I stumbled upon this little cream.

It gives a subtle sheen that most skin needs in the winter months and when we have a little tan through summer it helps to highlight it to its fullest effect.

Are there any other products that have become iconic to you over the years?

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