Chocolate Beauty

Chocolate Beauty

Forget indulging in your favourite chocolate brand in the run up to Christmas, why not try using it as part of your beauty regime?

No we're not kidding! The cocoa bean is the hottest ingredient in beauty right now, so why not try it for yourself?

Chocolate has long been seen as an indulgent luxury, so what better way to get your fix, without the calories? Especially if you're like us and have a serious sweet tooth, this is a guilt-free way to enjoy some cocoa-laced products.

Bourjois Chocolate Powder, £6.95; Philosophy Hot Cocoa Shower Gel, £13.67; John Frieda Chocolate Conditioner, £4.48; Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter, £5; Body Truffles Lip Butter, £3.93

Hair Boost

All the top brands are cashing in on cocoa being such a great ingredient in hair products, with both John Frieda and Mark Hill launching their espresso, mocha and chocolate shampoo and conditioner range. They work best for brunettes and claim to leave you with a brilliant shine and gloss to your hair.

Choco Shower

Bathing in chocolate? Yes please! Now we don't mean breaking up a million pieces of Diary Milk to lie in, because apart from being terribly sticky, it would have no beauty benefits for you at all! Give some chocolate shower gel or bath bubbles a go, which are made from cocoa and will soften your skin and leave it feeling moisturised.

Chocolate Make-Up

Cocoa induced fragrances have been around for a while, but if that's a bit strong for you, then why not get inspired with some chocolate-laced make-up products instead. The best way to inject some chocolate into your make-up bag is to stock up on the more neutral toffee and brown tones, which are so wearable and popular right now.