Emma Watson shares her essential beauty items

Emma Watson shares her essential beauty items

Emma Watson is a beauty to behold, for years she was portrayed as the geeky Hermoine Granger, but it was easy to see the beauty shine through.

As the face of Lancôme we get to see the actress in stunning shots, with perfect lighting and amazing photographers, but on a day-to-day basis she still looks amazing.

So, what exactly does she class as beauty essentials?

She revealed her must-haves to Marie Claire mag:

Tangle Teezer "You can brush you hair when it's wet and it doesn't break the strands."

Lancôme dewy mist "This is a brilliant refresher spray. I spritz myself instead of caking on power throughout the day."

Anything from the MV skin care range "It smells so amazing and it's really gentle."

Lancôme Baume in Love lip tint "These are so hydrating. The colours may look crazy, but they're actually natural and pretty."

Cleansing wipes "My number-one beauty rule is that make-up comes off before bed, even if I'm really tired. With cleansing wipes, I've got no excuse."

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