Braids and plaits are still big for summer

Braids and plaits are still big for summer

This year it’s all about the effortless, unpolished look when it comes to styling your hair. Use this method, throw in a plait and you’ll be right on-trend for Summer 2013.

All the A-listers are sporting plaits this season, whether it be a feminine side braid or an intricate fishtail, here are a few ideas to help you choose the best plait for you.

This first style may take you back to your school days but celebrities such as Rita Ora have been introducing it once again as a hairstyle favourite for Summer, the French braid.  Once mastered, this plait automatically adds femininity to your style, whether you choose a simple French braid down the centre or get a bit more adventurous with a double French braid down each side of your head.

Plaited pigtails are another hairstyle that many of us haven’t worn since our younger days, but trying a looser plait rather than a more polished look helps to modernise the style and looks great with beach wave.

A casual side braid is fantastic for that effortless look. Curling your hair before hand adds a more bohemian style, which can be seen on stars like Vanessa Hudgens. As a perfect look for festivals, this hairstyle can also be varied by altering the length of the braid or its neatness for a more groomed look. For the messier look, simply pull your hair over your one shoulder and loosely plait roughly half way down your hair before tying with a bow, letting small sections of your hair fall freely.

This next plait can be tricky to get the hang of but, similar to the French braid, once mastered the fishtail braid is perfect for that head-turning hairstyle. Celebrities such as Blake Lively and new mother Kim Kardashian have been seen wearing the fishtail hairstyle.

Halo braids are a great way to add a touch of the trend without incorporating all of your hair. You can opt for a larger plait styled as a headband to make it the focal point of your hairstyle or a thinner plait pinned around the back of your head for a subtle, girly look.

Give these hairstyles a try or experiment with your own to find the perfect plait for your new Summer 2013 hair trend.

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