Achieve a natural glow with these products

Achieve a natural glow with these products

Hello my beautiful ladies...

I have been asked a few questions about highlighting but also noticed that it’s major this season especially on our celebs take a look:

Beyonce shows off a gorgeous glow


Cheryl Cole is glowing from the inside out

It really needs to be a part of your makeup regime ladies and I have searched the highstreet to give you the best highlighters on the market at the minute so take notes ladies as we really need to get this right!

First of all your skin regime needs to be right and you should all be cleansing, toning, moisturising, morning and night…. With a weekly scrub! If you would like the correct advice for your skin please tweet me at @mizz_glitzy!!

Firstly Jennifer Lopez skin looks amazing …

Jennifer Lopez is glowing on stage

Looking at how the light has really caught her skin beautifully… I researched the market and found that one of her tips is she uses Lancôme serum light complexion illuminator … which she would mix in with her foundation to also give her coverage and beautiful highlighted skin!

Also checking the highstreet out I have noticed that MAC have a great foundation, for you lady’s that want something quick and does the job well here is your solution this liquid foundation has a natural light reflecting properties which will do what you want in the one apply this foundation is a low- medium coverage … it really is amazing on the skin and very quick and easy!

Now am going to take you through a few products that you can apply just to the areas you want highlighting eyebrow bone, cheekbone etc…. and I must say Benefit is amazing …..

Here we have Benefit High Beam.

This product is like gold dust really finishes your makeup and you can apply this to eyebrow bone, cheek bone and also cupids bow here is a little tip this will naturally look like your lips have been enhanced … this comes in two shades light to medium complexion. 

If you have medium to dark complexion, the Moon Beam is for you.

I really couldn’t live without this product and would give it 10/10 it’s a must have ladies!!!

Am going to let you into a little secret lately high street shopping I noticed a something similar to this high beam called Chit Chat…..

It’s from Pound land OMG….. YESSSS Pound Land!!!! So really you don’t have an excuse to try it out but once you have tried this….. Definitely get Benefit, the difference is Benefit does last longer on the skin… but cheaper enough for you all to try!!!!

Also on the Benefit Range is Watts Up!! It’s Amazing….. Just apply from the top of your eyebrow right down to underneath the cheek bone blending well I find your fingers are the best! It’s amazing glow and very fresh to your skin… you will find this is dewier than the high beam so is more for a night time look….Fab ….Fab….Fab. You really don’t know what you’re missing one night out with this you will never be without it!!!

There is another way to highlight ….  POWDER…

Here are two amazing products I have noticed…..Fake Bake has an amazing highlighting brick that works so quick and easy….. two sweeps off this and you’re ready to go….

Apply this too your T-zone this amazing glow will really complete your makeup, or simply just on the cheek bone. This product is amazing to swipe over your body arms, legs chest for a real all over body glow!!! Amazing love this product!!!

Boots Seventeen Range also has a brick that works amazingly and is a little cheaper.

Give it a whirl!!!

Well ladies sadly I’ve come to the end but don’t worry my eyes will be peeled for any new highlighting products to hit our high street…..

Look forward to you all reading my blog next week with more advice ….. If you would like advice tweet @mizz_glitzy love ya xxxxx