Kristen Stewart was sat front row at Chanel

Kristen Stewart was sat front row at Chanel

Kristen Stewart channelled her inner rock princess with her whole look at the Chanel Couture show in Paris this week.

The actress looked stunning in her white blazer jacket, barely there shorts, studded and jewel bracelets and those fingerless leather gloves.

Her beauty look perfected the whole outfit. Dark smokey eyes were of course on the table, but her bouffant ponytail was what we want to recreate.

Here we have some tips and tricks to help you get the hairstyle of Kristen Stewart.

  1. Loosely tong your hair and run your fingers through so they're teased out.
  2. Crimp your roots on the top of your head so you have so height added from the front, to the crown. If you don't have crimpers just backcomb with a backcomb brush (make sure you carefully brush this out when you take your hair out, so as not to cause damage to your hair)
  3. Then smooth over the top of your hair and pull it back, pull the sides of the hair tightly back, but keep it looser on top of the head to ensure there is some height.
  4. Pull the ponytail to the nape of your neck and wrap your hair tie around it. Use a piece of hair from the pony to cover the bobble and add a sleek touch to the look.
  5. Use plenty of hairspray to set the look.


Will you be trying out this style? Smokey eyes optional - but if you're looking for some tips on how to get the look, then check out our make-up artist tips for a smokey eye here. 

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