Hello Ladies this week I am going to go into detail about eyeliner and what is most suited to you, so I have searched on the high street and this is what I have come up with!

Ladies very popular questions I get asked is what gel eyeliners are and what is the difference between that and a liquid liner? So I'm going to take you through the benefits of a gel eyeliner and whether they're for you. 

Gel eyeliner comes with a round pot and a brush for application, you will find that gel eyeliner is smooth and you have the same control as a pencil as well as more definition as a pencil, with the density of liquid eyeliner. Now I have found sometimes that if you set gel eyeliner with a eye shadow it will last longer, this product is amazing with really trying to get flicks especially if you are first time user to eyeliner! The only down side is if you are like myself and have a heavy lid  that folds over to the front of your eye you will find that it will move into the crease, this is not good lady’s so that’s why I have tried other products to suit every lady’s needs.

Here are a few on the market:

MAC FluidLine. I have to say ladies, the write up on this product is amazing and I know a lot of top makeup artists use this on catwalk shows, photo shoots and is amazing for that real definition…..

Well put it this way if you want your eyeliner big bold and a statement that’s shouts I'M HERE!!!  This is the one for you!!! 

Ladies I think we all know this is Cheryl Cole's little favourite, of course it's L'Oreal. We all know she loves her eyeliner and really is at a reasonable price!! Ladies give it a whirl honest you will love the results …. Just try and notice your eyelids…. It does make a difference!!!

Now liquid eyeliners range from all colours and most important waterproof is what some people (me) need. I know some are a bit scared of liquid eyeliner because they cannot get the line straight well the old saying is right “Practise makes perfect”, a little tip when applying your eyeliner have a couple of cotton wool buds and a glass of warm water, after you apply your line dip your cotton bud into the water and run it along the top of your line to straighten it up, you will be professional before you know it.

I like my eyeliner to stay put all day and not worry about it and like it to look the same even till am removing my makeup off see here are some of the best……

Benefit Magic Black is incredibly pigmented. It can give your eyes a real transformation with so much definition really draws attention to your eye….. This works well on a folded eyelid too, the brush is a little harder to work with. So ladies those of you who are a expert you will enjoy this product.

Maxfactor waterproof eyeliner is amazing and also comes in 5 amazing colours …. No matter what the occasion, holiday or simple night out your eyeliner will not budge! Its soft applicator will help you apply a fine subtle line with the option to really build on that line to create a more dramatic look…. Amazing for those ladies who have the same problem as me with a fold on your eyelid your makeup will not move!! Amazing and it will not let you down!

Last but not least I have to say L’Oreal liquid eyeliner this is another little secret that will not let you down, they also do it in black noir …. This means its jet black so you can really get that hard stand out line that again you can build on and make it as big and bold as you like! Suitable for all eye types as again it stays put!

If you have any questions over eyeliner please tweet me @mizz_glitzy, don’t miss next week with my tips and tricks.

I am also Ladies going to tell you about Bodybyvi…. IT’S A SHAKE MIX THAT TASTES LIKE A CAKE MIX!!! YOU NEED TO READ ABOUT THIS LADIES!!!

If you are into your keeping fit and healthy like me, and you like to keep your weight under control,  if you have tried every diet and meal replacement well you have seen nothing like the Vi- shape nutritional shake mix replacement for your weight and control, replaces to meals a day but yes keeps that hunger at bay…. So it’s just a healthy tea. So even your workouts at the gym become more enjoyable because you have more energy but most of all, it stops you from being hungry.

What does it do?

Vi shape nutritional shake mix offers a convenient, perfectly balanced meal that can save you money while providing amazing nutrition. This shake is a protein blend of soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and whey protein hydro lysate, an optimal blend of proteins to support weight management as part as an energy restricted diet.

For weight loss, replace two daily meals with two vi-shakes each mixed with 250ml of semi-skimmed milk, by substituting two daily meals with meal replacement will result in weight loss.

If you just want to maintain your weight than replace one meal a day with one shake ,it is important to maintain your fluid intake while on this diet, the suggested daily amount of water a day is 2 litres,

The shake can be mixed with, milk, juice, water, almond milk and soya milk with two scoops of vi then mixed in fruits etc.

Nutra-Cookie? What is it? 

It’s a delicious cookie that contains protein, fibre, fruit and vegetable extracts to make it a nutritious snack in between meals, the Nutra cookie make a delectable choice and is good for nutrition for the whole family.

Here is some useful information:

The shake can be introduced to children over the age of 14.

It’s the number one fastest growing health challenge in North America and is now available in the UK.

Bodybyvi shake is packed with three different types of protein, 23 vitamin and minerals the perfect blend to support lean muscle and help your body burn fat.

Did you know …… in the USA weight watchers offer points for every by shake drank.

You can also make pancakes and muffins out of the shake powder.

It is lactose intolerant and gluten free.

Right Ladies I have joined the challenge and will be keeping you updated every day, with different shakes and different recipes to keep you all going but you need to follow me @mizz_glitzy!!

Come on ladies join the challenge it’s a must do this year! Who wants to be slim and healthy and back in them jeans you wanted to fit back into? Well now is your chance …… Would love to hear of you, to find the best kit for you click on  paularoth123.bodybyvi.com  or susanreay1.bodybyvi.com and join the challenge you will never look back.

I will let you know how much I lost on my next blog ladies!!