We all want to look our best for our Valentine’s every day of the year, but on February 14 we want that little something extra special.

Here we share our beauty tips for one of the most romantic days of the year, and share the products that will help you achieve the look you want.

Get naturally glowing skin with the mixture of the right foundation, highlighter and bronzer. A peach toned blusher will really warm the skin tone too. Below are some of our favourites that will help you achieve the look. Apply the bronzer under cheekbones, along the hairline and across the jawbone for the most natural glow. Use the highlighter above the blusher on your cheeks, along the top of your nose, dap on your cupid’s bow on the lips (it gives the illusion of a fuller pout) and under the eyebrow arch.

If you want to apply colour to your lips, red obviously for Valentine’s Day,  

If you want to apply colour to your lips, red obviously for Valentine’s Day, or why not try a pink or orange shade.The best bit of advice I can give is that you use either a lip stain or a top coat of Lipcote to seal the colour – if they lean in for a kiss you don’t want to leave them with as much lippy as you have on.

Don’t forget to use a lip liner either as it stops the colour bleeding onto your skin. *Top Tip* Use the liner all over the lip as a base coat to give the colour staying power.

You want a natural look for the eyes; huge false eyelashes will only scare them away. Either use a very thin strip or just apply a few individuals to the outer corner of the lids for a sultry feline look on the eyes.  

Or try some of the False Lash Effect Mascaras, they have definitely worked for me – it’s hard to believe that mascara can create such a dramatic effect.

Keep nails tidy and if you’re having colour on the lips, match it to your nails for an on-trend beauty look. Here are some of our favourite shades.

Let us know in the comments below the beauty look you opt for, and where you’re spending Valentine’s Day this year. 

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