Do you wear make-up when you workout?

Do you wear make-up when you workout?

Most of us wear make-up everyday, and a lot wear this for bed... naughty. But who would have thought that a quarter wear it whilst working out?

New research has found that a quarter of women will wear make-up whilst they workout

And the reasons? Some say impressing the opposite sex is the big factor and others say having a bad skin day is why they would. 

The poll, conducted by, included 1,907 women from across the UK, each of whom held a gym membership.

Those respondents who admitted that they wore a full set of make-up whilst working out were then asked to explain their reasons for doing so, to which almost two fifths, 38% of women claimed it was due to the fact that they never left their house without applying their make-up.

29% of respondents claimed they did so to ‘boost confidence’ and 15% said it was to hide bad skin problems. 11% admitted they wore make-up to attract or impress members of the opposite sex.

Furthermore, when asked whether or not wearing make-up, either a natural or more of a full-on look, impacted the way they worked out, the majority of women, 64%, said it did. When asked how, 51% said that they didn’t work out as hard when they had make up on, so as not to spoil their look, while a third, 31%, said they worked out harder as they felt ‘more confident’.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, had the following to say about the findings:

“While it is pretty common to see British women walking around town in a full set of makeup, I was a bit surprised to see how many women admitted that they did not feel comfortable working out at the gym without cover up!  Although it may be common for some celebrities to admit to going to the gym in makeup, it surely can’t be healthy for your skin to go through a workout, plastered with makeup.

“Some respondents admitted they went to all that trouble of putting make up on to go to the gym, only to not really try all that hard when they got there because they didn’t want to spoil their look. There’s not much point going along for a work out if you aren’t going to push yourself a little bit. Besides, I’m sure you’re more likely to attract someone if they can see you’re working hard!”  

Are you one of those who wears make-up whilst they workout?

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