Victoria Beckham is known for her superhero style!

Victoria Beckham is known for her superhero style!

We've noticed a worrying trend of late, and that's our favourite fashionable celebs dressing like some superheroes!

Seriously, we thought it was just little Cruz Beckham who was getting in on the act, but now it seems his mum has been taking style tips from her youngest and dressing like a baddie.

Anyone who saw her ridiculous airport outfit last week, would agree that she looked like a military meanie straight out of a Bond movie.

Sporting a long grey suede coat, oversized sunglasses and a matching baker boy hat, Posh looked so terrifying we wonder if Cruz decided to take his Batman role seriously and arrest his mummy when she got home?!

Even her latest pink ensemble had a hint of Lady Penelope about it, which is fitting really because her previous military outfit also looked like it had been inspired by the Thunderbird's puppet Parker.

Katy Perry took it one step further with her Wonder Woman inspired outfit at the VMA's and who could forget Lily Allen's decapitated Bambi dress she sported a few years ago?

Lady GaGa has been getting in on the act too with her crazy fashion, but arguably she resembles more of an adult type of superhero! We think she looks a tad like Xena- Warrior Princess actually, especially with her love of PVC and everything..

That said, she can be child friendly too, and we think she has a hint of Minnie Mouse about her, especially with that hair bow she's been seen sporting recently.

Then of course there are those who make a living out of dressing like superheroes, some more successfully than others though.

Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker are two such cases, and we're pretty fond on Tobey Maguire's Spiderman too.

But Halle Berry's appearance as Catwoman and as Storm in X-Men left a rather nasty taste in our mouths.

Don't try this look at home!

FemaleFirst- Laura Terry