Victoria Beckham has her pose perfected

Victoria Beckham has her pose perfected

Celebrities spend their lives in-front of the camera, and the chances are you're going to be spending a lot of time in front of yours during the festive season too. 

So to help you look your best, we've got some tips on how to pose like a celebrity

Victoria Beckham has certainly perfectured her pose on the red carpet and won't typically change it, even if she's stood with another person. 

A great pose is the difference between a striking photograph and an uncomfortable shot, but that naturally beautiful look can be hard to master. That’s why with the party season fast approaching, the experts at SmugMug the world’s leading independent photo-sharing website,  have compiled some top tips that will have you posing like a pro in no time.

Looking good is all about a focus shift. It’s not about hiding your flaws but finding out what you've got going for you, identifying it, believing it and learning how to work it. Once you have a couple of tried-and-true poses, you’ll look like an A-lister.

It may sound “mum-like” but practicing good posture is the first step to ensuring you have a celeb-worthy pose in place. Try standing to attention with your back arched, stomach in and shoulders tilted. Standing like this will make you appear taller and thinner. Why not try the trusty old “balance a book on your head” trick for practice?

Highlight your small waist like Beyonce

If you’re blessed with an hourglass figure like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez or Sofia Vegara, your waist is your best feature to accentuate. By posing with one hand on your hip and your other arm close to your side, you will draw attention to your waist and highlight your amazing curves.

Always lean slightly back and place your hands on your hips, rather than by your sides. Victoria Beckham has mastered this pose to perfection. This will make you appear taller and will allow you to show off your entire outfit.

Channel your inner Angelina Jolie who confidently stands with one leg out in front and slightly bent, spotlighting her long, lean legs.

Kate Moss works the camera

Whether you are standing or sitting, never have your knees directly facing the camera. The shot will automatically draw attention to your knees when you want people to be drawn to your face. If you are sitting, keep your knees together but shift your legs to one side.  This classy pose is always elegant and elongates your legs - think of Kate Moss or Anna Wintour front row at NY Fashion Week.

If you are aware of your top half, move your arms away from your body to make them look thinner and flab free! This pose is flattering because it makes your upper arm appear trim and toned and with the elbow pulled back it helps give further shape by drawing attention to your waist. Curvier celebs adopt the same pose leaning their upper body away from the arm to give as much space between the two as possible.

To avoid looking like you’ve jumped straight out of an Eighties’ yearbook, make sure you only try one pose at a time.

That’s what’s great about smartphones and digital cameras, you can snap away to your heart’s content to ensure that when the time comes, you feel at ease and can effortlessly glide into position and strike a pose.

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