A new exhibition hitting the JORVIK Viking Centre in York in May 2007, will be sure to cause a storm, as it delves into the historic ‘melting pot’ of York that was created by immigration and trade in Viking times.

The unique ‘Are you a Viking’ exhibition, which opens to the public on the 26th May, will bring together bio-scientific and artefactual evidence to determine if visitors could have Viking ancestors. Using computer technology, a 3-dimensional walk-through Viking riverside scene, graphics and interactive activities visitors will be able to investigate:

DNA and gene mapping, using evidence generated by gene related studies bone material unearthed by archaeologists and used to map genetic disorders, such as Dupuytren’s disease (known as the Viking disease) an oxygen isotope analysis of Viking-age bones and teeth, used to determine where people originate from archaeological environmental evidence, used to reveal what people ate, where the food came from, and what levels of pollution existed in the city of York at the time Viking migration patterns and trading routes to determine if this affected who and what was brought into York, revealed in the biological remains the assimilation of language and the development of dialects

Sarah Maltby, Head of Attractions at the JORVIK Viking Centre, commented: “We’re very excited about the new exhibition; it’s a combination of modern technology and important Viking era evidence that really will bring the past to life for our visitors. We think it will be hugely popular with families who will be intrigued to work out if they could have Viking ancestors!”

The exhibition will include tactile, audio, and smelling activities to ensure its widest appeal to visitors with disabilities and the very young.