Will.i.am has been caught using his phone during the programme

Will.i.am has been caught using his phone during the programme

Will.i.am has come under fire in recent weeks for Tweeting during the live shows of The Voice.

On Saturday's show he was caughting typing on his Blackberry 16 times and it's been said that the BBC bosses are 'incandescent' about his behaviour.

It's said that he's showing 'disrespect' to viewers by doing this, but the 37-year-old music mogul says he is simply 'connecting' with viewers.

Three has teamed up with Etiquette and protcol expert, William Hanson, to come up with a list of dos and don'ts when it comes to mobile phone etiquette.

Do…                 Check your mobile phone regularly to see if anyone needs you urgently

Do…                 Turn your mobile phone to silent during meetings and meals with friends

Do…                 Ensure your answerphone greeting is personalised so callers know who they are leaving a message for

Do…                 Make sure your mobile phone case is suitable for the office

Do…                 Check to see whether your train ticket has put you in the quiet carriage before you make that call

Do…                 Remember that the tone of a text can be misconstrued so call your friends with important news

Don’t…              Answer your phone during a meeting, mealtime or face-to-face conversation

Don’t…              Check yourself in to a place on Facebook without thinking about the consequences

Don’t…              Upload a picture of your friend to Twitter, Facebook or Flickr without their permission

Sylvia Chind, head of handsets at Three said: “Will.i.am’s behaviour on The Voice shows just how integral the mobile internet now is to our daily lives. So much so, that we often forget simple etiquette when using it on our phones in social situations.  Tweeting whilst someone else is talking or answering your phone during a dinner is regarded as bad manners, so it‘s important to follow a few simple rules to ensure you have good mobile etiquette.”

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