Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby has stripped off and taken a shower on the streets of London to make us re-think how much water we use.

The Dancing on Ice presenter is calling on the public to take part in a 3 Minute Shower Challenge to celebrate World Water Day on 22nd March.

To kick start the campaign Holly took her duck and sponge to Trafalgar Square where she striped off and showered under the watchful eye of Nelson… and the public.

The launch coincides with the release of research commissioned by Ariel and Waterwise, the UK’s leading authority on water efficiency, which reveals that on average 9 litres of water is used per minute in the shower.

As a result if everyone in Great Britain reduced their shower time to three minutes we would collectively save a whopping 6 billion litres of water per day!

Holly is encouraging people to get behind the challenge in the hope it will help change people's attitudes towards water conservation. The majority of water wasted in the home is in the bathroom and experts believe the shower is the best place to start making simple changes that can make a big difference.

The United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March of each year as the World Day for Water by adopting a resolution to encourage countries to implement activities that promote conservation of water. So this Saturday make sure you swap your bath for a 3 minute shower and do your bit for the environment

For further information and tips on how you can cut water waste in your home visit www.ariel.co.uk/water

  1. by LOLA 20th Mar 2008 22:10

    uhh she didnt shower in public. you lied!!!!!!!! grr

  2. by Baws 01st Aug 2008 14:24

    She doesn't strip off at all. I want my 2 minutes back.

  3. by Mr Man 22nd Aug 2008 19:25

    We can only be thankfull she didnt strip off in public!!!

    You honestly think someone like her cares about water and energy wast? Na! come on, its for her publicity. A mildly attracti... Read More

  4. by Ray 26th Aug 2008 08:07

    I didn't see her naked in the shower what rubbish! False headlines plus she would have been arrested for indecent exposure in a public place surely.

  5. by Water User 31st Aug 2008 01:03

    Ahh! like the others - what a misleading title! I ran the tap staright down the drain for 1 hour in protest.

  6. by James 31st Aug 2008 21:01

    How do I masterbate to this?

  7. by sir 01st Sep 2008 16:37

    mildly attractive ,you have high standerds

  8. by jonny 21st Sep 2008 22:26

    this chick would promote a fuckin' door handle! what a typical Z list 'celeb' bollox!!!

  9. by Nick W 27th Sep 2008 20:45

    [email protected]!

  10. by mick 07th Nov 2008 19:02

    what a con just for that i am going to have a 3 minute shower then a bath full to the top .

  11. by rob 08th Nov 2008 12:16

    what a bit of crumpet holly is
    i would shower with her

  12. by mitch 22nd Apr 2009 08:55

    she looks better with her clothes on than off.

  13. by Sexy boy 23rd Apr 2009 21:44

    I would say holly is so fit I would take a shower with her

  14. by Holly is Hot 16th May 2009 14:34

    WTF is this? she wasnt naked in the shower. i wasted 3 mintues watchong tht rubbish.

  15. by beth 21st Jun 2009 16:48

    you are very brave i would not do that

  16. by mr e 16th Jul 2009 15:44

    Dumb Asses!!! Are you stupid enough to think she'd destroy her TV career by getting naked in the middle of Traf Square!? Stop playing with yourselves and...GET A GIRLFRIEND!!!

  17. by Roberto 20th Oct 2009 15:32

    Even tho she wasnt naked, i wud shower with her and let her do anything to me!!

  18. by Andrew Robert Frost 06th Nov 2009 15:08

    wish I could of seen it. She is one fine looking lady

  19. by Ian 15th Mar 2010 21:50

    If I reduced my shower by a third would the water supplier reduce my bill? I do not think so!!!!!

  20. by Billy Boory 30th Nov 2010 15:16

    Only three minutes... I bet she stinks!!!