What items do you rely on in your wardrobe?

What items do you rely on in your wardrobe?

Love them or loathe them, there are some fashion items we just can’t live without according to a new study.

A definitive list of the 50 fashion items we can’t live without has been compiled,  ranging from current favourite, skinny jeans to the traditional wool coat and twinset.

Listed among the items every woman should have in her wardrobe are black leggings, a maxi dress, little black dress, ankle boots, nude heels, a onesie, support underwear and an oversized bag.

Some of the more unusual items included hot pants which are only worn by the very brave, 1980s favourite the scrunchie, fake fur coat and fancy dress outfit.

One respondent said: “I could never part with my perfect pair of jeans or my support undies. The two together give me a great shape – dare I say it, they make me look and feel amazing.”

Another added: “After a hard day at work all I want to do when I get home is put on my onesie and curl up in front of the telly. I can’t believe we’ve only been wearing onesies for the last few years. I really couldn’t live without mine now.”

A third said: “My little black dress is definitely my must have item. It comes out every year for all the Christmas parties and if I need it at any point throughout the year, I know it’ll never let me down. I update the look every time with a new pair of heels and jewellery.  I don’t know what I’d do without mine.”

A spokesperson for NetVoucherCodes.co.uk said: “Every woman has a few staples in her wardrobe that she turns to time and time again. They’re the items that make us feel great, look great and offer the utmost in style and comfort.”

The list in full:

  1. Uggs
  2. Skinny jeans
  3. Black leggings
  4. Support underwear
  5. Little black dress
  6. Flat shoes
  7. Onesie
  8. Perfect jeans
  9. Black trousers
  10. White tee
  11. Black tee
  12. Oversized bag
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Hair bobble / clip / band
  15. Swim cossie / bikini
  16. Oversized jumper
  17. Black cardigan
  18. Belt
  19. Pencil skirt
  20. Nude shoe
  21. Nude tights
  22. Black tights
  23. Going out / clutch bag
  24. Converse pumps
  25. Long boots
  26. Ankle boots
  27. Denim jacket
  28. Wool coat
  29. Maxi dress
  30. Skin tone camisole
  31. Sun hat
  32. White blouse
  33. White jeans / trousers
  34. Blazer
  35. Oversized cardigan
  36. Hat, scarf, gloves
  37. Pearl earrings
  38. Twinset
  39. Trouser suit
  40. Tracksuit bottoms
  41. Gym wear
  42. Hot pants
  43. Flip flops
  44. Scrunchie
  45. Fake fur coat
  46. Fancy dress outfit
  47. Slippers
  48. Wellies
  49. Pyjamas
  50. Pashmina 


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