Alexa Chung feels like she is "blagging it" in the fashion stakes.

The TV presenter - who won the public-voted British Style Award at the recent British Fashion Awards - feels bemused that she is regularly praised as a style icon but knows her status won't last forever.

Alexa - who has just been named an ambassador for the British Fashion Council - said: "I feel like I'm blagging it, even now. On stage at the Fashion Awards, standing with the other winners who worked really hard to achieve their success, it was like I'd been given a prize for having a pretty face.

"Obviously it's a window in time. I don't think anyone can maintain this sort of spotlight - there's always a new girl on the scene in fashion, another girl of the moment - and I'm certainly not going to be great forever. So while I've got it, it's good to use it."

The 28-year-old beauty also admits she doesn't often notice if people copy her style.

She added in an interview with Britain's Elle magazine: "I don't ever presume that people have copied the way I dress.

"I comment that I like what someone's wearing and then a friend will say, 'What? Your outfit?' and I realise that's why I like it. My mum always points out girls who sort of look the same as me."