Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour looks set to be the next US ambassador to Britain.

The US Vogue editor is being tipped to take on the role to replace outgoing ambassador Louis Susman after raising $500,000 for Barack Obama's presidential campaign and donating tens of thousands of dollars to the cause.

Anna, 63, is expected to top a shortlist being drawn up for Obama after hosting a number of fundraising dinners for the US President - including a $40,000-per-plate event for 50 people at the home of 'Sex in the City' star Sarah Jessica Parker - and a decision is expected to be made within weeks.

A Democrat source in Washington is quoted by the Inquisitr as saying: "A large number of Obama's ambassadors have been fundraisers. Both these two fit the bill.

"Anna Wintour is just the kind of figure who could be an effective ambassador.

"You're a messenger boy or girl for the President to the host government and to the business and political worlds, but you're also supposed to be able to throw a party.

"She's obviously got fantastic connections in London and that would be an advantage. She's the definition of a glamour pick. I can see it happening."

But Oscar de la Renta, one of Anna's closest friends, doesn't think the editor should take up the role.

She told WWD: "When you are editor in chief of an extremely successful magazine, you don't need an ambassadorship for four years. Ambassadors were great in the 18th century. Today, it's going to the opening of a cafeteria.

"She should be named Secretary of State. That would be a different story."