Britain's Next Top Model

Britain's Next Top Model

Britain's Next Top Model is set to begin next week and this series features an openly anorexic contestant, Heat reports.

Jade McSorely, 21, has battled the disease since the age of eight and weighs under seven stone. Jade's role on the show comes amidst ongoing criticism of unhealthily skinny models in the fashion industry.

Living, who broadcast the show, have defended Jade's inclusion, saying that taking part in the show has helped her and given her access to dieticians and physicians.

A friend of the wannabe model told Heat: "Taking part in the competition has given Jade's life a real focus, and she's determined to make it in the modelling industry in some way."

Jade herself added: "I never wanted to come across as losing weight just to be skinny. Obviously I'm still  going through it [anorexia]. It's something you have with you for life."

Jade McSorley

It's great that Jade is now able to get help but surely it sends out the wrong message that a girl with an eating disorder is an acceptable person to be in the modelling industry.

  1. by Katy 22nd May 2009 17:11

    Personally, I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill. Yes, shes anorexic, but if any of you have watched the show you will see she has said many times, something along the... Read More

  2. by Matt 23rd May 2009 16:26

    I just stumbled across this site and read the mini article. The fact that people are saying it is giving the wrong impression to people with eating disorders its just plain wrong, if an... Read More

  3. by Katie W 24th Jun 2009 11:05

    I have avidly been watching the programme (BNTM)and over the last few weeks have been quite horrified as to how thin Jade actually is, as a mother i would hate my daughter to aspire to ... Read More