Model Health

Model Health

The BFC have produced an action plan in response to the issues of health, weight and drugs highlighted by the inquiry.

The 14 point plan documents the decision made in September to ban models younger than 16 from the catwalks at London Fashion Week but still neglects to make any firm definite plans for tackling the controversial issues and models with eating disorders.

However the BFC are working closely with Milan Fashion Week organisers who now make sure all their models have a medical health certificate before they set foot on the runway.

The report says: "BFC Chief Executive Hilary Riva has already met with her counterparts in Italy to discuss Milan‟s approach to model health. At this stage Milan is concentrating its efforts on education and voluntary behaviour change rather than enforcement."

"The BFC will continue to liaise with Milan and hope to invite a representative from Milan to share with us their best practices later this year."

Another issue raised by the Model Health Inquiry was the unhealthy environment and drug culture that exists back stage and they reccomended the BFC introduce random drug's tests for models.

However the BFC will not be taking this advice: " We have consulted legal experts on this issue and been advised that it would not be appropriate for the BFC to perform this role but the BFC strongly endorses an anti-drugs policy."

"There will be zero-tolerance of drugs at all shows, and we will ensure that the message is clear that any model or any other participant suspected of taking, or providing drugs, will be escorted from the premises and reported immediately to police."

Caz Moss- Female First